God bless the volunteers

Published 12:12 am Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To the Editor:

Hello kind and caring folks of Beaufort County. I hope all of you have experienced the same type of treatment I have been blessed with since Irene came. I was quite fortunate that I lost only three trees and had very little damage to my home, but being a widow and no family I could call for help. The man who cuts my lawn told me the Baptist Men’s Association was coming to town from all over the country, and if I’d sign up they would be happy to come out and take care of all my tree cutting and clean up the debris and it was all volunteer.

I’m so happy to tell you and to thank the kind and wonderful men who came out here two days and totally took care of my entire storm damage and piled it up on the right of way and even cut up a lot of the wood and stacked it for future firewood use. I can’t thank them enough.

I also would like to thank the folks at the First Baptist Church of Smithton for allowing these people to “live” in the church while they were here in this area and also the Misssionary Baptist Church in Belhaven while they were here from many states. The women of the church made sure these men had plenty of meals to eat, too. I’m not sure who was responsible for getting these folks to come into our area, but I want to thank them, too.

God bless all the people who in one way or another helped to make our lives better during this rough time we’ve all experienced.