Cotton-pickin’ cotton

Published 12:31 am Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To the Editor:

This is my first ever writing to you, and I am an 80-year-old widow. There is a question I have on my mind, and it sure bothers me. Why do all the truckers have to cover their loads if they are transporting chips, sawdust, etc.? We know why — to prevent littering our beautiful roadways. The same should apply to those truckers who transport cotton bales to the gins! Every fall, it’s the same thing, cotton “strewn” from one end to the other, with nothing clean where they travel!

They should have the same rule or law apply to them. What gives them a privilege to litter? No one else has this option! They should pay fines, or get out and clean up behind their loads every day. This would stop it!

Every morning, I pick up a double handful of cotton from the roadsides in front of my home, to keep the beauty of the roads. No one can tell me it’s pretty all up and down the roads. No way would it be true!

I ask the patrolmen, the inspectors or even the traffic sheriff to please write up these offenders of littering every fall or for them to cover their loads to prevent same, or get out and pick up every piece of litter they leave behind on their trips to the gin. This is a problem.

I feel if you put an article of this in the paper, maybe, they will help the ones who try to keep our highways clean in North Carolina.

Thank you for your help.