Obama represents all people

Published 12:44 am Sunday, October 30, 2011

To the Editor:

The Daily News editorial on Oct. 26 was about as useful in getting to a solution of the economic problems of this country as the Occupy Wall Street protestors have been. It would be difficult to find anyone who doesn’t say that the unemployed in this country need jobs. How best to get Americans back to work is the hard question at hand.

The editorial says that Obama and the Democrats are pushing the president’s jobs bill but the Republicans are pushing just as hard against it. Just as they should! The president’s jobs bill is just more of the same thing that has already been tried and failed. Yes, it would keep those union teachers, union firefighters, and union police on the job for a year and then the federal money dries up. But, that wouldn’t matter because the president plans on being re-elected by then and he would have already gotten those big campaign contributions from the unions. I would like the Daily News to ask where the money went in President Obama’s first stimulus that was going to lower unemployment! The press continually fails to hold President Obama accountable for his promises and lack of results.

While the Daily News did mention the Republican plan, would they say that most of these ideas worked for President Reagan and ushered in the longest peacetime economic upturn in history? No, they didn’t make any comment at all about the Republican plan. The Daily News knows, or should know, that growing private sector jobs is the only way out of our economic mess. Increasing government jobs that the private sector has to pay for will only place a greater burden on the American taxpayer.

Just like with all presidents, the responsibility of this economy is on President Obama’s shoulders and it is up to him to work with everyone and get a solution. So far, he has refused to consider any Republican ideas, cast them as evil for not wanting to put people back to work, and has held fast to the same old partisan stance. This position has not helped our economic situation, only made it worse! Yes, the Republicans are just as partisan as any of the Democrats, but the president is suppose to represent all the people, not just Democrats. He and his administration are responsible for working with all sides and getting results! If he doesn’t, he is the one who should answer to the voters.