Tired of being responsible

Published 12:50 am Thursday, November 3, 2011

To the Editor:

If this doesn’t beat all. The Great (?) State of Connecticut has requested permission from the federal government to dispense free diapers (your tax dollars) to children throughout the state. It was bound to come to this. We already feed the front ends and now we are being asked to take care of the back end as well. It seems to me that the feds should send adult-sized diapers to the irresponsible parents, and if there are any left send them to the “Occupy Crowds” across the country whose “potty” preferences are plastic bags and police cars rather than commodes. Who raised these people?

While your taxes are being used for diapers, be aware that the Democrats on “The Stupor (super) Committee” of the Congress haven’t been able to find any cuts in the federal budget and are choosing to raise taxes instead. This tax increase will coincide with a whopping increase in health care taxes on married couples as Obamacare kicks in. Of course this increase in taxes will only affect the wealthy, who in turn will do what so many wealthy people have done in the past. They will take their wealth out of the country like so many of our corporations have done. This might represent a bonanza for the cash strapped Europeans. Does it seem to you that success and doing the right thing are constantly punished by this government?

Well, I have a suggestion and it’s a solution George Washington would advocate. When the British Parliament decided to impose taxes on the colonists with The Stamp Act, The Townshend Act and the tax on tea, George suggested a boycott on all products associated with these acts. In other words “hit them where it hurts.” I think the taxpaying, productive members of this country need to “Shut It All Down” for a while. Shut it down until the “looters” and “moochers” feel the squeeze. I, for one, am tired of being responsible for the irresponsible.