Letter to the editor / Nov. 24, 2011

Published 1:29 am Thursday, November 24, 2011

To the Editor:
The following words are in appreciation to the editorial this week titled “A Dearth of Thanks.”
Each year it becomes more evident, that even though we live in an age of great advancement in learning and technology, and an ever increasing of items that gratify our humanity, we have become a people lacking the ability to be thankful.
We rush from one day to the next with our microwave mindset, and lose along the way the real joy of living.
The malls and super stores bulge with shoppers, and the cash registers fill with funds as the commercialized rendition of the holidays inch closer and closer. The frenzied feelings of materialism fast forwards modern mankind along the manic money maze.
Oh, how exuberant are the thoughts and efforts of those on a great quest for the most recent fad or trendy trinket.
Blessings not for sale, but of great value came to mind after I read the editorial, and I was reminded how things such as a kind word, a sincere smile, a hand offered in friendship, the love of family, the hug from a grandchild are priceless gifts.
Despite the decline in people seeing the need for tradition, there are still those of us around who treasure the simple things, the things taken for granted so often.
Yes, Thanksgiving is being squeezed so tightly between Halloween and Christmas that the very existence of this sacred day is in jeopardy as far as society is concerned.
Should this be so? My reply is a resounding NO!
My prayer is that God, from whom all our blessings flow, will forgive us as we forget to be thankful.