Caring and kindness redefined

Published 12:10 am Friday, January 6, 2012

To the Editor:

Caring and kindness redefined. On Aug. 12, my oldest brother, Edgar P. Hamilton, checked into Autumnfield of Belhaven on his own volition. To say I was skeptical is putting it mildly. While never having been involved with facilities of this type, ie, nursing homes, senior facilities, etc., I had heard horror stories from friends and acquaintances about how people they knew had been treated in this type of facility. During the check-in process, I did a walk about and checked on the cleanliness as well as the sanitation grade for their dining facility. I was impressed.

I visited my brother on an almost daily basis. As his health continued to deteriorate, I kept noticing how much more attention he was getting. In his final days there was someone with him almost 24/7 to ensure he was getting his medications and was comfortable, or as comfortable as he could be. My brother, unfortunately, passed away on Dec. 17. My younger brother and I were with him at the time, as well as many Autumnfield staff members; one who was in on her day off to check on my brother.

On our brother’s passing, my brother and I were saddened of course; however, we felt that maybe we should have comforted the staff of Autumnfield that was on duty at the time. I know the dictionary definition of caring and kindness, and in mine, my brother Roland’s and sister Polly’s opinion, it doesn’t adequately describe the staff of Autumnfield of Belhaven.