TopCat: 1/18/12

Published 12:12 am Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To the Editor:

The citizens of Washington find themselves with another crisis on their hands.

The City Council should call an emergency meeting to address the downtown cat problem. I suggest the council appropriate eight to 10 thousand dollars to hire a consulting firm to perform a study to address this issue. Will the police be pulled away from armed robbery and drug cases to deal with the cats? Will the cat police and seagull police be one department or two? What about animal control? Every city in the USA has stray cats. Is this part of a larger conspiracy?

I can see next week’s headlines. Multi-departmental task force raids downtown. Captured in the sting, the notorious Cat in the Hat, Felix the Cat and TopCat. Still at large is Sylvester — last seen in Union Alley with a little yellow bird in his mouth. Call Crime Stoppers with information.

Wake up, Washington!

Now, on a more serious note. To say that the proposed plan for the Hotel Louise is not compatible in the existing plan for downtown/waterfront redevelopment and new development is crazy. One hundred or more senior citizens living, shopping and eating in the downtown area appears to be a pretty good use to me. Maybe us old folks could create some new life into an area that surely needs some.

What is the best use for the property? More people equals more business, more money, more everything for the citizens. Someone please write and inform me of the negative aspects of having senior citizens living in downtown Washington. Perhaps some of us may adopt a cat or two.

Wake up, Washington!