Keep Daily Bread and Today’s Meditation

Published 12:06 am Sunday, January 29, 2012

To the Editor:

This is in reference to the comments in Sound Off concerning the removal of Daily Bread and Today’s Meditations.

My father is a retired Presbyterian minister, still preaching at the age of 84, and was friends with Purnell Bailey. My father has great respect for the man. Although I never met him I feel a sort of bond with him.

I read the Daily Bread and Today’s Meditations, and have on many occasions clipped them from the paper. Some of them are on my fridge, some are in my nightstand drawer, others are pinned to my cork board. I even have one taped to my case at the Post Office where I sort my mail every day. They offer me guidance, as well as comfort and hope in this crazy world in which we live. It is my hope they won’t be removed from the paper.