Gratitude for the Board of Education

Published 7:28 pm Friday, February 24, 2012

To the Editor:

January was School Board Appreciation month in North Carolina. On behalf of the students and staff members of Beaufort County Schools, I want to say “thank you” to our Board of Education.

Board members are local residents who invest their time and energy in efforts that directly impact the children we serve. The responsibilities of our Board members should not be taken lightly. Their work influences every aspect of our schools with decisions that range from hiring of personnel to facility needs.

Our Board members represent Beaufort County communities and through their hard work and dedication to civic responsibility they make local control of our public schools possible. We applaud our Board members for their involvement in the process and for sharing their time and talents to help forge a brighter future for our students. We thank you for your service!

  • Mac Hodges, chairman, 27 years of service;
  • Cindy Winstead, vice chairwoman, five years of service;
  • Teressa Banks, five years of service;
  • Robert Belcher, seven years of service;
  • Eltha Booth, seven years of service;
  • Barbara Boyd-Williams, two years of service;
  • Mike Isbell, three years of service;
  • E.C. Peed, 17 years of service;
  • Terry Williams, one year of service.

Superintendent, Beaufort County Schools