Why tax us more?

Published 8:38 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To the Editor:

This stuff going on in Raleigh is real for me as I use the Bath-Aurora ferry alongside shift workers at PCS. The rise in fuel prices means an hour drive vs a 30-minute ride on the ferry. In reality for me with a diesel truck pulling equipment it is $40 in fuel vs a ride already paid for by state and fuel taxes.

Why tax us more?

The Preschool program is the same. We already have school issues in a state known for its strength in education and opportunity.

The way I see it is the Republican-controlled Legislature is out of touch with the struggles of real citizens of this state.

Is the state the servant of its citizens paying their taxes — OR a greedy beast just wanting more when there is no more to pay? I — and all small businesses — are now at a 50-70 percent reduction of income due to the Great Recession.

We need help and not more feet on our necks pushing our faces into the mud!