Erin go braugh – March 18, 2012

Published 8:08 pm Saturday, March 17, 2012

To the Editor:

Yesterday, Sat. 17 of March was celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day. But another celebration was also observed.

The formation of the American Legion was being finalized in New York City at 19 W, 44th St. The day was September 17, 1919.

This new organization would have Posts in America wherever one was wanted. One of the men at that initial meeting was Calis K. Burges who was named state chairman of the North Carolina Legion. It was decided to have the first Post in Beaufort County in the City of Washington. It’s number was Post #15.

The first original members of Post 15 were: Wiley T. Rodman, John F. Stadman, Enoch S. Simmons, Loris Gardner, T.J. Etheridge Jr., G.G. Gardner, G.E. Hole, F.R. McDivill and W.R. Blount Jr. The last five names on the charter are not decipherable.

The original charter and several other documents are displayed in the lobby of American Legion Post 15. Erin go braugh.