Graduation day is worth sharing

Published 9:09 pm Wednesday, June 13, 2012

There was a zero-tolerance policy against late arrivals at this week’s graduation ceremonies.

At the Washington High School commencement, held outdoors on the football field, the gates were shut.

About a dozen people stood outside the entrance, complaining to anyone who would listen about being barred from an important milestone.

It was an important day for those in caps and gowns. The ceremony was the culmination of hundreds of pop quizzes, varsity games, study sessions and science projects. These students deserved one perfect ceremony and a respectful audience who could arrive on time.

Those who were proudest of them — even the late ones — deserved the chance to cheer for these accomplished seniors. They also deserved a chance to record the moment without the heads of late arrivals bobbing in the way as they take their seats.

With the ceremony and graduating class about 50 yards away from the guest seating, what would have been the harm in allowing the late arrivals inside the gate?

At Southside High School, the administration had a contingency plan. Two rooms were set up with live feeds to the ceremony. Those who left the auditorium during the commencement or arrived after its start, were directed to the overflow rooms.

We applaud Southside High School for planning ahead giving the friends and families of graduating seniors every opportunity to witness the special day.