The kindness of strangers

Published 8:49 pm Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To the Editor:

This is a true story and I hope that it can be written and told.

On Monday, June 11, I had purchased cooked food for my family and me to eat, and an extra dish for the young lady and two small sons who had come from Washington to help me do something in the house. As I began to pay, the lady behind me (unknown) told the young man cashier she was paying for my food, and to put my money back. She wanted to do something good for someone every day and it made her feel better, and for me to do the same. I don’t know her exact words, but we, the clerk and my daughter were in complete shock. I kept insisting to pay and she did the same. I thanked her, hugged her slightly and allowed her her blessing.

Thanking did not seem enough. I want her to know that the lesson, “Do something good every day, feel good to yourself,” I learned.

I had an appointment in Washington to keep, and take the young lady who helped me in the house, and I didn’t get her name or remember, but my daughter said, “I’ll remember who she was if I see her again.”

She knows who she is, and I thank her again for being so nice. This happened in the Food Lion Store in Belhaven.