A Southern tradition

Published 10:23 pm Thursday, September 6, 2012

To the Editor:
In a recent editorial, the subject of hunting from the state right of way was discussed. I gather you are not a hunter, or a friend of a hunter, by agreeing this was the right thing to do. How can one or a few persons make a request to the county commissioners to stop hunting from the roads? It’s safer to shoot from the road than it is to shoot from the woods toward the road.
This same request came up several years ago and the commissioners saw, by the number of hunters who attended a public hearing, that it wasn’t the best idea. Some of the same commissioners are on the board now that were on at that time. I guess a few influential people have much more power than the large number of people who hunt now. Please publish a list of people who have been hurt by hunting from the road.
Hunting is a Southern tradition and is enjoyed by many. Our reputations are put to the test every year. We are ordinary people, not “rednecks” as we are portrayed by many. In my club are farmers, lawyers, plumbers, bankers, fishermen, retired and ordinary people. Most of the problems are caused by parents who, when their sons get old enough to drive, buy them a high-powered rifle and truck and send them to the country to ride around and shoot at anything that moves. The regular hunters then have to bear the blame for whatever happens. Kids should be taught to hunt safely before they begin hunting.
Commissioners, think about the money that is spent in Beaufort County for hunting. Trucks, gas, food and guns are bought here each year. I understand a public hearing will be held on Sept. 10. Hunters, please attend and voice your opinions, because no one else is going to do it for us. County commissioners, please don’t throw us under the bus like the Pitt County commissioners did their hunters a few years ago.
JOE WOOLARD, President
Horsepen Swamp Hunting Club