Main Street grants, “so-called Christians,” picnic table pilfering

Published 8:31 pm Saturday, September 8, 2012

To the Editor:
I had to peel myself off the ceiling after reading Wednesday’s article about Main Street grants. Here we have a “feel good” story about three local businesses that received money from the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act (aka Obama’s stimulus) to reduce their energy bills. It’s wonderful that they have lower energy costs, which will help their profits. But I got a little upset when I asked myself where that money came from. The last I heard, the government can only get money in one way — by forcibly taking it in taxes.
Suppose I owned a hotel or financial services company here in town (I don’t). My hard-earned money, then, is being taken against my will to support a competitor. I’m being forced to help somebody else make more money (Walter Williams just might use the word “slavery” here). Suppose one of the three businesses shuts down or goes bankrupt. Then my and the rest of the taxpayers’ money would be completely lost (Solyndra comes to mind). By the way, Wednesday’s edition also noted that our national debt has just exceeded $16 trillion.
Maybe it’s just me, but that just doesn’t seem right. I’ve always thought that if a business investment was a good idea, I’d pay for it out of my own profits or take out a loan and repay it over time. I’m willing to take the risks in hopes of a financial reward.
Maybe I should just calm down, go along and start thinking like a liberal. Hmm, maybe we all deserve a free night at the Moss House, some free investment advice from Edward Jones and a nice afternoon sail from Carolina Wind. Why not, they didn’t build their businesses, the government did and we’re all paying for it.
To the Editor:
I am offended by the caller to Sound Off on Sept. 2, and the WDN for allowing the caller’s concerns to be long enough for a letter to you with a signature. That is what you advocate, I believe.
I consider myself a Christian. I do not hate the caller to Sound Off. I feel sorry for him or her.
That person just wants a handout at other people’s expense. I pay for what I get and so should everyone else, including that caller.
I now know what WDN thinks of Christians.
Do you have the guts to print my letter with a signature?
To the Editor:
The article in the newspaper concerning the picnic tables on the waterfront is the most bogus thing I have heard in a long time. If young people are disturbing the boat owners, that is a police matter, not a picnic table matter.
Moving the tables so grass can grow is not sensible, grass does not grow well in the shade. The shade is why people enjoyed the picnic tables so well. Moving the tables has robbed the poor, elderly, handicapped, and everyone else in the city the opportunity to have good clean free fun.
Does the rights of a few paid boat owners override the pleasure and enjoyment of the other citizens. Question? Are the boat slips on the parkway designed for live aboard tenants; I think not.
I suggest to the city that they place picnic table every 50 yards down the waterfront so the citizens can have some family fun.
So, pack your picnic basket, go to the waterfront and picnic on the sidewalk. Then the city can remove the sidewalks.