A wake-up call

Published 10:13 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To the Editor:
The Republican Party is not split, it only has splinters. What the liberal Republican Club that meets at Woogie’s considers split is the small splinter group that still believes to go-along to get-along and the Good-ole-boy network is the way to go.
We just watched a number of their members jump on the Senate Caucus pick and the Raleigh insiders nomination for the House only to get trounced by the vote of the people in these districts.
The last election rooted out a number of the Political Hacks and we hope the next one will root out more. We have a couple of Wanna-be campaign manager Hacks For Hire that are licking their wounds and trying to have at least one success while they accuse the party of the division that they are building.
The people of Beaufort County and the state of North Carolina are tired of the old machine way of doing politics and the strength of the Tea Party and flocks of voters to Unaffiliated status should be a wake-up call to the Old Guard.
There are some in the Republican Party that get it and I believe they are the majority. Someone has to stand up for Free Enterprise, Protection of Life, Keeping God in our Country, Getting control of Local and National spending and stop pandering to Special Interest. That is where the Conservative Republican Club and Tea Party in Beaufort County stand and I believe it is where the rest of our God Fearing people stand.
W.L. Buzz Cayton