Sound Off, Oct. 4

Published 9:13 pm Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.

For the person who had in the Sunday paper about the things on 264, tell them that I called the transportation and the bridge was damaged from a wreck and they are supposed to start working on it in about three or four weeks and for their information, they have been down there since June.

I am against hunting from the roadside. I have been shot at, seen the rifle puff smoke while I was driving down the road, facing the hunters. The reason I didn’t go talk at the meeting with the county commissioners was I didn’t want some of my buildings burned or nails spread all over my driveway and property.

Another Sunday. The best I can do for dinner in this town is hospital cafeteria food. Sad, isn’t it? Washington does not have family-style restaurants that the average working man can take his family to and not spend a lot of money. Cafeteria-style would be fine. Buffet-style would be fine. We have difficulty trying to attract anybody here, I guess. We need family-style restaurants. We don’t need a Waffle House. We don’t need a gas station that sells hamburgers.

I see the city manager, along with Archie and the Jugheads, has milked the taxpayer out of more of its hard-earned money. They advertised for a new airport manager requiring many aviation requirements for the job, which they had several applicants that fit the job description. What did they do? They did a political good ol’ boy hire whose only qualification was a North Carolina driver’s license. I hope they have good liability insurance.

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