Battling Alzheimer’s

Published 12:08 am Friday, October 5, 2012

The battle against Alzheimer’s disease can be a lonely one. Family members experience a sense of helplessness as they struggle watching a loved one gradually concede to the neurodegenerative disease. Some cases have been documented in our regular Caregiver’s Chronicle column.
But with education and research comes hope, and hope reigns supreme at the Alzheimer’s Walk and Education Fair in Washington on Saturday.
Volunteers will raise money for Alzheimer’s research and education by participating in a two-mile walk from Redmen’s Lodge to the Washington Civic Center, returning along the Washington waterfront.
The education fair provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about Alzheimer’s disease from the experts at East Carolina University’s Wooten Laboratory and Brody School of Medicine. In addition to searching for treatments for the disease, the Wooten Laboratory promotes community awareness and understanding of diseases like Alzheimer’s.
With no known cause or cure, Alzheimer’s disease remains a medical mystery. Your participation in Saturday’s Alzheimer’s Walk and Education Fair may be a first step toward winning the battle.