Future investments

Published 9:18 pm Saturday, October 20, 2012

There’s much to be said about living a proactive life, taking precautionary and preventative measures to create positive outcomes.
We’re seeing that now with the work the Washington Police Department is doing to try to bridge the divide between law enforcement and the public they serve, building a different kind of relationship with the community, a relationship based on knowledge and trust.
To that end, the WPD has been reaching out, inviting the public to several events over the last few months, events where residents meet and talk to the officers who very well may arrive on the scene at the next unfortunate incident. That’s the idea behind Police and Fire Director Stacy Drakeford’s initiative to get patrol officers out of their cars and walking in the neighbors they patrol.
Yesterday, the WPD hosted a Halloween party for area children at Havens Gardens. Next, the Police Athletic League will hold a Nov. 9 dinner/dance fundraiser at the Washington Civic Center, inviting the public to take a proactive role in the future of at-risk children and help fund the programs that just may help those kids make the right choice to stay out of trouble.
If programs and events like these make a difference in just one child’s life, we, as a community, reap the benefits. Support PAL. Investing in its future is the same as investing in our own.