A healing opportunity

Published 9:38 pm Thursday, October 25, 2012

To the Editor:
There has been some negative response in regard to Billy Graham making political comments. We believe the issues before us have never been as morally pressing, and it speaks to the seriousness of the status of our country for Dr. Graham to speak out publicly.
No matter how you feel about our “live and let live” society, the Scriptures tell how we SHOULD live our lives. It is very plain. We think that Dr. Graham is simply trying to prick our conscience about this decision.
Chronicles 7:14 tells us to turn from our wicked ways, turn back to Him, and He will heal our land. It is human nature to want the easy way out for everything. Dr. Graham is still reaching out to all Christians regardless of their politics. He is just asking for each person to take a close look at what the Bible says and do the right thing, which may not be the easy way for us.
This can be the opportunity to make that choice to turn back and for our land to begin healing.