Now it’s time to lead

Published 10:28 pm Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The ballot boxes have been put away for another year. The victors are thanking their supporters and preparing to take office. The defeated are thanking their supporters and looking for answers as to what went wrong.
The 2012 campaign season has reached its end, and regardless whether you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or unaffiliated, there is a mountain of problems on the horizon at all levels of government. Now is the time for the campaigning to stop and the leading to begin.
On the national level, we face a federal budget crisis that requires spending cuts and increasing revenue. It cannot be accomplished with only one or the other. We, the people, are expecting our legislators to work together for a solution.
Representatives at the state level face similar problems that will only be resolved with bold, bipartisan leadership. The only mandate that should be taken from this election is to work together with your counterparts in Raleigh.
Locally, there is a new face on the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners after Robert Cayton decided to run for the General Assembly. Despite contentious campaigns on all sides of the spectrum, the people of this county voted for courageous leaders to address the jobless situation and put together a comprehensive economic-development plan. Do not let them down.
To all the candidates who were elected Tuesday, congratulations. Live up to those oaths of office you will take, stop campaigning and get to work representing all of your constituents.