Wallace legacy remains

Published 9:00 pm Friday, November 9, 2012

Jack Wallace left a legacy at Bath Elementary School when he retired.
During his tenure as principal of the school, Wallace started holding a Veterans Day Memorial Service.
Wallace, a Korean War veteran, said he started the memorial service for the kids. He wanted his students to understand that Veterans Day wasn’t just another day off from school. It was in memory of all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
Wallace did not expect the 5-year-olds who sat quietly on the floor as he read 15 names to understand whom these names belonged to.
He did not think the second-graders who pledged allegiance moments earlier would remember the meaning behind each fold of the flag as the members of the Northside High School Junior ROTC listed them.
Wallace did not expect for any of the students to notice the tears in the eyes of the special guests who sat in the center of the gymnasium.
He did predict that this tradition would have an impact on those who attended.
Wallace said the cumulative effect of these annual ceremonies would teach Bath Elementary students something about patriotism.
Thank you, Wallace. Thank you for the character-building lesson you have passed along to generations, for honoring and remembering the veterans of Bath and most, of all, for your service.