To the Editor: A positive approach

Published 9:38 pm Monday, November 12, 2012

To the Editor:
I am a runner, and running is my passion. The Washington boardwalk was the scene of a recent spiritual experience for me. Raindrops tapping the lily pads set my rhythm. The sounds of the marsh encouraged and motivated me. Frogs provided the cheering section. I was alone, me and my breathing. Normally I share the boardwalk with the fast and the slow, the young and the old, the poets and the lovers, the photographers and the inquisitive children. Together we have enjoyed the sun rising and dancing on the Pamlico River and the tranquility afforded by this beautiful setting.
In a recent letter to the editor, Derik Davis recounts an unfortunate accident he experienced on the Washington boardwalk. He highlights the need for proper maintenance and asks city officials to immediately address and remedy the deterioration that limits waterfront access for citizens and visitors. Mr. Davis states that he is planning an effort to safeguard the boardwalk and starts the process by trying to determine the number of mishaps that can be attributed to poor maintenance of the boardwalk. I compare Mr. Davis’ experience to my own, then move from a negative to a positive approach and propose to you an inspirational model.
Several months ago I was in Dallas, Texas, and had the pleasure of running the Katy Trail. This trail is shared by runners and walkers who provide for its upkeep through tax-deductible donations and active volunteerism. The “friends” of the Katy Trail host races and events throughout the year and have an annual support campaign which helps to lessen the burden on the City of Dallas. Please visit for more information. I would love to see the citizens of Washington embrace such an idea or something similar so the public, locals and visitors alike could continue to enjoy this wonderful asset. I will gladly donate my time and the first $100 toward what I deem to be a worthwhile endeavor. I feel confident in saying I can persuade several of my running partners and the growing number of dedicated runners in and beyond our community to do the same.
Washington Park