Demand truthfulness from elected officials

Published 8:22 pm Wednesday, November 14, 2012

To the Editor:
I think we are all thankful that the presidential election is over. Eighteen months of constant politicking is way too long. It appeared to me the important business of running the country during this most critical time was put on the back burner in favor of politicians trying to win elections. Either shorten the time candidates are allowed to actively politick or lengthen the terms for elected officials. Because of the elections most of the year 2012 was wasted when it comes to solving the serious fiscal problems facing this nation.
The attitude of most of our elected officials has to change. Everyone talks about “compromise” or “give and take” to accomplish solving the country’s serious problems. That kind of thinking always ends up a “lose-lose” result with limited feelings of accomplishment. I submit that CONSENSUS be the reasoning behind solving tough problems. Judgments have to be made as to what is best for the citizens of our country which might be different from the positions that were initially proposed. If those kinds of judgments occur, all involved lawmakers will then have a sense of accomplishment. If our lawmakers would only use that one criterion when making critical decisions, while abiding by the rules outlined by our laws and the Constitution, they would find common ground faster and ultimately solve some of this country’s most pressing problems.
If we, as citizens of this Country, demand truthfulness from our elected officials then I believe some of the divisiveness will disappear. The press has to hold the feet of officials to the fire when needed and when they lie or bend the truth they have to be accountable for that action. As citizens, we have to be involved in assuring our news is accurate and comprehensive. We do this by reading and comparing what is presented on various appropriate websites and newspapers, listening to different types of newscasts both radio and TV, and reviewing the Congressional Record to determine how our congressional representatives are voting. If they are not performing to your liking e-mail them and explain your concerns. Draw your own conclusions as to whether the media presentations are slanted and factor in what you believe is truthful and disregard what is bogus. I know it is difficult to find time to evaluate the media, especially for working, on the go, families but if you are remotely concerned about the direction of our country you should try to diversify your news sources. Sometimes, I think we are too tied up in being classified a Republican, Democrat or Independent instead of being known for our values. Some party values do overlap. I believe there are very few truly Independents. Our core values are not easily changed and they determine most individual political direction.