A giving example

Published 9:05 pm Thursday, December 13, 2012

For the past two weeks, the staff of the Beaufort County Boys & Girls Club has walked the walk, hoping to make an impression on the kids they mentor every day. The staff has spent a day each week whipping up lunch for the patrons of the Zion Shelter and Kitchen. By donating supplies, adding their time and topping that off with effort, they’re deliberately setting an example for the kids and it’s one to be admired and followed.

It should be considered an important part of a child’s education: learning compassion and generosity, and to help those in need when one is able to help. To help a child learn that particularly valuable life lesson, one has to be prepared to set the giving example.

We can all start by pointing out the people ringing the Salvation Army bell outside of Walmart and explain why the organization collects money and how they help those in need.

Perhaps a visit to a hospital or local long-term care facility to bring some holiday cheer to those who are spending Christmas away from home is in order. If not a visit, a family project making holiday cards for them would be a good lesson in kindness.

Another family project would be volunteering time or donating together, maybe taking the kids on a shopping trip, not to pick out toys for themselves, but to help pick out gifts for children in need, then deliver them together.

There are so many life lessons we can teach children, but setting a giving example is one that will continue to give, year after year.