Letter to the editor: ‘Like drunken sailors’

Published 8:28 pm Monday, February 4, 2013

To the Editor:
I am proud to be a resident of a county that has four commissioners that have taken a stand on gun control. There seem to be some citizens who disagree with this stand, and that is their right. I disagree with what the liberals have done and are doing to this country. Things such as Obamacare and record deficits. If  some think our county commissioners did not represent them, then our president and Congress did not represent me in their vote. However, I must agree with others that when it comes to spending money like drunken sailors, our county commissioners take a backseat to no one.
I live at Core Point on a lot with 89 feet of bulkheaded riverfront, and the lot is valued at $190,000, according to the tax assesssment. I bought a lot in the same development for 40 percent of its assessed value; however, the assessed value has not been lowered. I was taught in school that the market value of an item is the price a willing seller and a willing buyer agree upon, not what the government says it is for the purpose of taxing it to the max so they can have more money to waste.
I keep hearing talk of a reassessment of property values. Why? Other counties have lowered property values with simple majority vote, why can’t this be done in Beaufort County? Sure would save the county a ton of money, or is spending money of no concern to our commissioners.
Just as the federal government cannot continue to spend more than it takes in, Beaufort County can’t either. My taxes, homeowners insurance and wind and hail insurance are $400 per month, whether anyone is home or not, and the nearest trash dump is 10 miles each way. If I have a medical emergency help has to come from Chocowinity as rescue from Blounts Creek has been shut down. However, my taxes do not decrease.
Blounts Creek