Letter to the editor: Hurts to care

Published 9:58 pm Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To the Editor:
Hurts to care:
Why did so many angry people show up at the recent public hearing about the fate of a small fishing hole in Beaufort County? Why was I “whining,” along with the others, so worried because my favorite spot seemed to be disregarded, merely in the way of business and bureaucrats trying to go about their other business? I suspect we felt not only angry, but also vulnerable, after being caught first in a state of denial, then having our eyes opened for a moment.
Given reports by scientists that our oceans are being compromised, our entire planet under stress, and the endless saga of human suffering in the world, including suffering in our own communities, we all need escape. We all need a time and place of refuge where we can get away from the cares of the world. Some of us thought that because we could afford to own the land or at least go fishing near and around this fishing hole, enjoy this yet un-ruined gem of nature, that we would continue to be able to enjoy it, but “denial” got rattled; even this place is no longer safe.
I grieve for the future fate of this fishing hole. Sometimes I even grieve for humanity and the earth itself, but that hurts too much. I am tempted to dig in my heels on this one, minor as it is in the scheme of things, but what effective action can I take? I am old enough to be cynical, prudent enough to suspect I might be part of the problem, and very angry. Wise readers, you can look me up if you have any advice to offer.