A concerned and informed citizen

Published 1:06 am Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Letter to the Editor:


After reading April 5’s front-page article, I am not sure whether to be puzzled or appalled. Why would every single commissioner vote against the changes to riparian buffer rules? Riparian buffers are a rare example of maintaining environmental quality, as well as serving human interests. I am curious why the commissioners made the decision that they did. Do they not accept the science behind the positive impact of buffers? If so, why not? Are they uniformed about the flexibility afforded to property owners who maintain the buffers? Are they pandering to the desires of the affected property owners? What is really going on? I have a hard time imagining the commissioners invited DENR representatives to present at their meeting so that they could make an informed decision on the proposed changes. Without more information, I am left assuming. With the hubbub over the supposed impact of Rose Acre Farms on water quality and the proposed Martin Marietta Materials mine, where is the dialogue on the nonpoint source pollution addressed by riparian buffers?


A concerned and informed citizen,


Dominic Reisig