Kay leaves city on solid foundation

Published 1:34 am Sunday, April 28, 2013

Outgoing City Manager Josh Kay will leave behind a legacy of work to make Washington a better place. It’s one he continues to add to, up to the very end.

In his tenure of nearly two years as city manager, Kay has served as a catalyst for positive change — tackling tough issues in a job featuring many challenges.

Perhaps his most effective work — his efforts to put the city on solid fiscal footing — has been integral in positioning Washington to provide improved services while lowering expenses.

There’s work remaining, but Kay’s reorganization strategy is an important step in the right direction.

Despite his accepting a position in the corporate sector — one that allows him to return to his native South Carolina — Kay continues to work diligently in his final weeks toward leaving Washington better than he found it.

His continued leadership as the City Council works through the city budget process is a testament to his commitment to the community good.

Even as his tenure in Washington municipal service comes to a close, he continues to show the qualities that led to success on several fronts. They will serve him well in his new role at Santee Cooper, South Carolina’s largest power producer.

As the city considered changes to its business-license fee structure, Kay met with key business leaders to listen to their concerns. His ability to recognize the importance of a business-friendly system and communicate that opportunity to the council may well be viewed in hindsight as an invaluable parting gift to Washington’s future.

The propoed fee structure, which represents a reduction for most businesses, won’t be official until the budget is approved, but council members have indicated their desire to move in that direction in recent work sessions.

As Washington prepares to welcome a new city manager, Brian Alligood, we offer thanks and farewell to Josh Kay, who leaves his successor with a solid foundation on which to build an even better community.