Letter to the editor: Nature vs solar panels

Published 11:16 pm Saturday, May 4, 2013

To the Editor:
I have known and been friends of the Woolards for more than 10 years. I have visited their home before and after the solar industrial complex was located across from the Woolard family home of more than 100 years. The afternoon view was a sunset over a field of soybeans and now it is 60 acres of silicone solar panels acting as mirrors. Also the complex’s driveway is located directly across from the Woolards’ home and 18-wheelers have problems making this turn without getting onto the Woolards’ lawn.
I don’t claim to be a real-estate expert, but I believe this solar industrial complex has lowered the property value of the Woolard family home of more than 100 years and they have a right to be concerned about this real dollar loss in value. Some things could easily be done to help, such as relocating the complex’s driveway away from the front of the Woolard home and planting trees to block the afternoon glare off the silicone solar panels. Also, the complex’s appearance could be greatly improved by creating a green buffer zone along the fence boundary; the green of nature is easier to look at than some manmade silicone solar panels.

Visit the Woolards and you also will find them to love the beauty of nature and support reducing man’s environmental impact by having renewable energy solar farms. If this solar farm were across from your family home, you also would care how the site looks and how it impacts your side of the street.

Alvin Peaden