That was one great show

Published 8:12 pm Monday, June 10, 2013

In this day and age, a weather report can make or break an outdoor event. A “chance of rain” can send people scurrying for cover even if the odds of that chance are rather high. It’s just the way it is: people would rather stay home and dry than take on the risk of rain.

Sunday night, however, turned out to be a dramatic exception to the rule. A gray wall of clouds loomed in the east. To the west, in Washington, the residents of Beaufort County gathered in the outdoors, unsheltered. They waited for two things: a command (and free) performance by the North Carolina Symphony and the rain that was inevitable.

It did, indeed, rain — just enough to cut short the symphony program by a few songs. Surprisingly, no one ran for their cars as the first drops fell. Festival Park was filled with people, but as the rain began to fall, umbrellas, hats and sunshades on lawn chairs came out. These people came prepared for the weather, and the weather cooperated by never reaching downpour status.

It was testament to just how much the symphony’s performance on the Washington waterfront means to many of our community. It spoke to the support that many, just by showing up, lend to those who work hard every day to make things like this free concert happen. It was a refreshing revelation to know that people had prepared for the worst and were willing to brave the elements because they felt a symphony performance was an important enough event to do so.

Of course, we thank the symphony players for putting on a great show. But all those umbrella-holders, hat-wearers and sunshade owners put on an even better one — a show of support for those who make good things happen for us.