Just go play some golf

Published 5:20 pm Thursday, July 18, 2013

While we’ve sent thousands upon thousands of young men and women overseas to fight the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, the programs that treat the wounded mentally and physically, that help facilitate veterans’ return to civilian life, have been limited by budget cuts, underfunding these federal veterans programs. Veterans hospitals’ budgets across the country have been slashed, some hospitals closed altogether.

It’s nonprofits like Hope for the Warriors that step in to fill the gap between what federal support for our veterans should be and what it actually is. The nonprofit was founded in North Carolina in 2006 by a group of military wives who had seen for themselves the lasting effects of war on service members and their families. Now, events across the country happen under the Hope for the Warriors banner.

On July 27, Washington Yacht and Country Club will host a golf tournament and pig picking to be attended by U.S. Congressman Walter Jones, N.C. Sen. Bill Cook, and N.C. Reps. Paul Tine and Michael Speciale. All proceeds will go to Hope for the Warriors.

On the same day, a global technology company is hosting “Run for the Warriors” a 5K race in San Diego, the Grand Rapids, Mich., Warthog Motorcycle Club will hold a motorcycle ride and dinner and a softball tournament with local celebrities as players will be held in Weehawken, N.J. All proceeds will go to Hope for the Warriors.

How we vote determines our contribution to veteran support on a federal level, though we are so far removed from the budgeting decisions made on Capitol Hill. However, these four events, scattered across the nation, on a single Saturday prove that we can do our part locally. When support for our veterans comes down to playing a round of golf next Saturday, to hopping on a motorcycle for a ride or paying the $5 admission to a softball game, it’s easy.

Don’t let this opportunity to do something good pass you by — just go play golf.