Stay out of Syria

Published 8:55 pm Monday, September 9, 2013

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to tell the people who stole my daughter’s (Judy Taylor Lee) flower off her grave how sorry I think you are. I cannot imagine anybody being so low as having to steal off a grave.

When I went to her grave Saturday morning (Aug. 24) with my heart already broken over her recent death and saw her silk flowers gone, that just added to my grief. You even took the silk flower arrangement her daughter, Misti lee, had put on her grave with “Your loving daughter” on the ribbon. How can anybody be so low is beyond me.

I checked with the cemetery, and it did not remove them. They were on stands lying down so they did not blow away. I guarantee I will never put anything else on her grave you will want to steal.

Isn’t it a shame I cannot even honor my daughter with decent flowers because of such low-down people?

Marilyn Willard Hale