Solar farms as your neighbors

Published 8:31 pm Monday, February 24, 2014

To the Editor:

Beaufort County residents should get in their vehicles and ride over to Bath (South White Post Road, Millfield Road and N.C. Highway 92). You will want to see our newest asset … solar farms. Then ask yourself: would I want this for my neighbor?

With all the crude, chain-link fencing, barbwire and signage, it makes the area very unattractive for any future homeowners or even adjacent landowners. Even with the ordinance put in place by our county commissioners for solar-farm setbacks, that was only a Band-Aid. But it was a start in the right direction. With solar farms and the Beaufort County Detention Center/Jail targeting the Chocowinity area, you folks may want to think this over. In the middle of a residential area? Why would you even be thinking of that?

Beaufort County needs some type of zoning put into place to protect the residents and taxpayers in this county from large commercial/industrial projects. Maybe this needs to be on the next election ballot and a vote by the people. I am a longtime resident and have had a successful business in Beaufort and surrounding counties for more than 30 years. I only want the very best for our area with good positive decisions being made for future growth. In my line of work and doing business in other areas which have zoning regulations set in place, I have encountered no problems; thus making it a more equal playing field for everyone. No, I am not for “bigger government.” The people “which are paying the price” should be more involved in the decisions being made in Beaufort County.

Paul E. Woolard Jr.