A little misunderstood

Published 8:41 pm Saturday, March 22, 2014

Harmony Miller, the youngest African American author in Washington, understands the difficulty of peer pressure. Being a teenager in today’s society, one of the most confusing times of one’s life, she is set to release her urban reality novel, “Lil Mz. Understood”, a cautionary tale written in a bold attempt to help adolescents who may be going through similar issues mentioned in her story.

Miller, a student at Washington High School, has always had a love for academics since grade school and has been an A-B student throughout her schooling. However, having been through her own run in with the law, her experience compelled her to write a story that would give her “friends in age” a voice and understanding, according to a FourShadough Publishing news release.

According to the release, the characters in this story contribute to the realism of what happens in the lives of young kids growing up in a certain environment. All teenagers going through something similar will readily identify with these characters and realize that no matter what state or city you live, you all go through the same things. The story contains a wealth of incidents that embodies many of the issues youth face today: peer pressure, sex, gender confusion and family problems, to name a few. These contribute to their confusion and why they are often misunderstood. The story also touches on the gravity of choices made by the characters, which affects the outcome of who they become. It also gives an in depth look into friendships and how betrayal and forgiveness will show growth and maturity.

According to Miller, she wants her story to go national and would like to speak, publicly, to at-risk youth in order to help them understand they are not alone. She hopes this will evoke change, using literacy as a tool, much like her father did. Miller’s father, owner of FourShadough Publishing, is also a best-selling author of the urban fiction series, “The Game Has No Loyalty”.

“Lil Mz. Understood” will be available in digital and paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and www.fourshadoughpublishing.com, the publisher’s website.

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