Give, it won’t break the bank

Published 8:55 pm Thursday, April 3, 2014





Blood Drive WEB


Spring kicks off fundraising. Events galore are happening all over Beaufort County as the weather warms up and the greater outdoors becomes a venue for fundraising. Donating to good causes, though always encouraged and always a good idea, can get a little tough on the wallet—as many good causes as there are, we can’t give to all of them.

But there is one thing we can all do to support a very good cause—and it won’t cost a dime. That is to give blood.

All across Beaufort County this week and in the weeks to come, the American Red Cross is hosting blood drives. It is vitally important that we give blood because there needs to be an amply supply in case of emergency. Unfortunately, those emergencies happen every day.

According to the American Red Cross, 19 percent of the donor population donates their blood on an occasional basis; 31 percent are first-time donors; and 50 percent are regular donors to help countless others in need.

You don’t have to have a reason to give blood, but know that for every pint of blood given, two or three of the following components are harvested from it: red blood cells, plasma, platelets and/or cryoprecipitate. It follows that a single donation can up help up to three different people.

Those with type O-negative blood are needed in particular because it is the “universal blood type” and can be given to people of all blood types, which really comes in handy in emergencies and with newborns in need of blood.

The process of giving blood is rather simple and entire event only take a little over an hour. In the process, donors can spend some down time with a book or chatting with a donor friend, then get a little snack on the way out.

Better than the snack, however, is knowing that you, by donating your blood, will help save someone’s life.

So have a look at the community calendar on page 3 to find a blood drive near you. Giving to the blood bank certainly won’t break your bank, and it’s time well spent.