Bad behavior, county commissioners

Published 7:52 pm Saturday, April 19, 2014

To the Editor:

I’m writing about the way Hood Richardson twists everything around to make his point/view what everyone should follow. His latest tirade against Larry Britt’s letter is laughable. Hood claims that four commissioners on the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners embarrass the office they hold.

Mr. Richardson should review the tapes made of the commissioners’ meetings and study his own antics/actions before accusing others of anything. He’s the embarrassment.
Mr. Richardson constantly interrupts other commissioners in the middle of their presentation. Mr. Richardson LOUDLY calls other commissioners names during the meeting. Mr. Richardson LOUDLY laughs at other commissioners while they are speaking. Mr. Richardson constantly brings up numbers/data that have no basis at all and are usually completely false just to discredit other commissioners.
Some of his most memorable examples are:
1. Take ONE MILLION DOLLARS out of the sheriff’s budget, they have enough fat to allow that.
2. Take ONE MILLION DOLLARS out of the school budget, they too can afford the cut.
3. Build the new jail behind the courthouse so I can sell my building and make a fortune (now he’s against the jail because it’s being built elsewhere).
4. The Beaufort County first responders do NOT need to be upgraded to EMT status because Beaufort County residents do NOT have enough heart attacks to warrant the upgrade. (A CLASSIC TO BE SURE, and Hood claims he’s concerned for the citizens of Beaufort County).
Getting back to the commissioners conduct during their meetings, Mr. Richardson recently stated that Roberts Rules, which govern such meetings, are not being followed. Look at the videos, Hood. You haven’t followed/obeyed Roberts Rules for years but you have succeeded in embarrassing the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners many, many times over.

William Buonanno
Chocowinity NC