Assistant superintendent moves on

Published 9:05 pm Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Former Assistant Superintendent and Human Resources Director of Beaufort County Schools John Conway was recently honored for his service to the county school system before his departure to a new job with Lee County Schools.

Conway came to Beaufort County Schools in 2000 as an assistant principal at Chocowinity Middle School. He served as assistant principal at several different schools prior to being named principal at Chocowinity Primary School.

“From there, I moved to Central Services as assistant superintendent,” Conway said. “I loved the people I got to work with every day.”

During his tenure at Beaufort County Schools, Conway said he learned a lot.

“The lessons I learned in Beaufort County are far too numerous to name,” Conway said. “I got to experience many different schools and jobs while in Beaufort County and each step of the way I learned something new. I still have a lot to continue learning. I just hope that the folks I worked with feel like I served the system well and that I always made decisions that were best for our students.”

According to Conway, he worked with Beaufort County Schools for 15 years. Conway said he was always proud of the work that the central office did and the education it provided the students. He attributes that success to the people in the school system — the teachers, administrators and all employees that work with BCS.

During his time at BCS, Conway said that his time as principal at Chocowinity Primary School is the part of his career he is most proud of.

“I am proud of what we accomplished there and the good we did for our kids,” Conway said.

According to Conway, it was tough for him to leave Beaufort County.

“I did not intend to leave,” Conway said. “The opportunity came my way and I decided to take on a new challenge. Leaving BCS was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made.”

Conway said that he is now working in Lee County Schools, having started on April 22 as the Lee County Schools’ Human Resources director.

“I want to bring the same thing to the table there that I hope I did in Beaufort County. I hope my colleagues will feel that I am an asset to have in the school system — someone that will be there to support them as they work to teach our students.”