Letter to the editor

Published 12:49 pm Saturday, May 17, 2014


To the Editor:

I’m writing again to defend Hood Richardson against Buonanno’s determination to assassinate his character. I think there is a need to stand for right and defend persecuted innocent victims from slander

Regardless of all the slander aimed at Hood Richardson he remains a man of impeccable integrity and outstanding character, and I am sure that he is not intimidated by Buonanno’s opinion of him. Hood Richardson’s motivation is aimed at doing what is right and not by fear of intimidation by false accusations; and, in my opinion, he is right most of the time. Hood doesn’t need to rely on bullying because he is a very informed and competent debater. He argues from facts, not opinion.

To clear up a few of B’s accusations against HR: HR never took a position for or against a new jail until it became clear to him that a new jail is not needed. Hood Richardson was correct when he opposed the over building of the schools, the location of US 17 on the west side of Washington, the lack of management in the jail system, the donation of public funds to non-profits, the giving away of our airport and use of tax money to pay several commissioners out of their troubles with the school board and the big issue with the hospital. He was a tireless fighter against OLF. These are just a few huge issues where he has been right and was voted down 5-2 on all accounts. The 5, now 4, the opposing faction on the board, should be the object of B’s attacks because damage was inflicted on Beaufort County’s economy and on its taxpayers by those wrong votes.

Within Mr. Buonanno’s reply to my letter printed on May 6, 2014, he claims to be completely dedicated to this state and Beaufort County. However, he does not describe or try to define his dedication. Hitler was dedicated to being a dictator and to making Germany a world power. Stalin was dedicated to the USSR and communism. George Washington was dedicated to giving the American colonies liberty and freedom from oppression. Mr. Buonanno seems to be dedicated to trouble making and bullying Hood Richardson.

William Buonanno claims that HR shouts down other commissioners. I watch the meetings on TV and I’ve never seen or heard him do that. But I’ve seen and heard Mr. Buonanno shout down another attendee at a Constitution seminar.

Hood Richardson is the good guy who sides with the taxpayers so I do not understand B’s uncompromising dislike for him and why he keeps providing WDN with a steady stream of bullying and unverified accusations. Maybe he thinks that if you tell a lie enough times it will be believed or maybe his brain is being controlled by Beaufort County’s whisper campaign experts who privately denigrate HR. I wish I had the answers or a solution.

Noel P. Cayton, Washington