A moment to say “Thanks”

Published 6:47 pm Monday, June 16, 2014

To the editor:
As many of you know, the evening of April 25th was a horrific time for many Washingtonians. My family was enjoying an evening of celebration for an upcoming wedding of a beloved niece scheduled for the next day. Upon returning my mother to her home, we learned of the devastation. Using cell phone lighting, we quickly packed her necessary clothes for the upcoming wedding and took her to New Bern with us.
Prior to the wedding on Saturday, we (my mother and I) returned and began working to salvage what we could. While making a trip to the street’s edge with a load of debris, a young man stopped and asked if we could use any assistance. I gladly accepted since I had no idea how mother and I were going to manage water-soaked oriental rugs in a wheelbarrow, in addition to the other many loads of destroyed housing materials. This young man was sent from our Heavenly Father! For the next hour, he worked diligently hauling numerous loads to the street. Upon departure, I attempted to pay this young man for his effort. He refused payment and said he “just wanted to help.”
It is with sincere gratitude that I publicly thank this young man and share with my hometown what a wonderful experience we had in this time of devastation. The next time you see Matthew Haselden, please pat him on the back and say “job well-done, young man!” It’s moments like this that one’s faith in our younger generation is restored.

Bettye Buckman Nichols

New Bern