Letter to the Editor: Jimmy Moore, Pastor at First Baptist Church in Washington

Published 6:45 pm Saturday, June 28, 2014

To the Editor:


I agree with my friend Bartow Houston that there are more pressing matters that should occupy our energies and efforts than the “homosexual thing.” In his column this week he included a lengthy list worthy of our consideration.
However, the “homosexual thing” is not going away, and as uncomfortable as it makes some of us we are going to have to face it, deal with it and come to some conclusions. 3.5 percent of the US population is now identified as gay, bi-sexual, or transgender. Same-sex marriage is the political “hot-button” issue of the day. Every mainline denomination in the US is dealing with the gay issue. The issue affects every aspect of life — social, political, and religious. The issue can no longer be ignored.
As a local pastor, I have to decide what I believe about the issue. Why? I am being asked — people are searching for direction. As a father and grandfather I have to decide what I am going to teach my children and grandchildren on the issue. As a religious leader I have to decide where I am going to lead our congregation and what I am going to teach concerning the topic.
For my entire adulthood I have turned to Holy Scripture as a guide for my faith and life. Just as I have trusted Holy Scripture as a faithful guide in other matters, I trust Holy Scripture as a faithful guide in matters of human sexuality.
I understand that the majority of the American public does not hold my views. I understand that many, even in the religious community, will arrive at different conclusions than me. But if I may, I will borrow a line from my friend Bartow: “I respect your opinion, especially your right to hold it, whether or not you accord me the same right.”

Jimmy Moore
First Baptist Church, Washington