Boyette receives award, joins elite club

Published 6:35 pm Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dr. Charles Boyette

Dr. Charles Boyette

BELHAVEN — A Belhaven man was recently recognized for his contributions to his community and state, receiving the Order of the Longleaf Pine, one of the most prestigious awards from the North Carolina Governor’s office.

Dr. Charles Boyette, a physician in Belhaven, was recently honored by his community, as well as the North Carolina Governor’s office, with a reception at the Wilkinson Center in Belhaven where family, friends and community members gathered. At the ceremony, Steve Keen, eastern regional representative with the NC Governor’s office presented Boyette with the Order of the Longleaf Pine, among the most prestigious awards presented by the Governor of North Carolina. The award is presented to individuals who have a proven record of extraordinary service to the state. Contributions to their communities, extra effort in their careers and many years of service to their organizations are some of the guidelines by which recipients are selected for the award. The honor is most often presented to a recipient upon retirement.

Boyette said he thought the award was significant because it was founded on the context of recognizing people for what they’ve accomplished some time in their lives and their contribution to their fellow man, community and state. Throughout the history of the award, it has been very selective when choosing those to be honored by giving them the award to them, Boyette said.

“I think it’s a prestigious award,” Boyette said. “I felt very honored in having had the occasion recognizing me for the services to the health and the community and area in eastern Beaufort County and Hyde County over the years. It was quite an honor to know that the people of in our town and community felt that I had made a contribution to their health and welfare over the years. I think it’s quite an honor to not only have been selected for the governor’s award but to be recognized by your fellow man for the contributions over time. It says a lot about the type of people we have and the fact they appreciate it makes it even more worthwhile.”

Local resident Eunice Williams recommended Boyette for the award, she said. After Boyette’s 50 years or more of service in the healthcare field, to the community, serving as mayor and councilman, and to his church, Williams felt Boyette a great candidate for the award.

“I just felt it was time he received it,” Williams said. “And the banquet was the perfect time for him to receive it. (Keen) got up (at the banquet) and made a speech, and he actually did the toast for the Order of the Longleaf Pine. (Keen) was really nice, very gracious, and I believe he thoroughly enjoyed the event. He was sure he was giving the award to the right person. I would say this is one of the highlights of my life to be able to recommend Dr. Boyette for that award. To be able to do something like that for someone who is so deserving and knowing it meant so much to him, to me, it’s a highlight in my life. I think it meant as much to me as it did to him.”