On Methodists and Duke Chapel

Published 10:42 pm Saturday, January 24, 2015

To the Editor:

Wehre are the great Methodist people and the supporters of Duke University in Durham, N.C.? We are going to sit back and let people that don’t believe in the God who created the Earth we live on and then created man(us), use the chapel at Duke University. The chapel that so many local people have used in the years gone by. My Daddy (James L. Alligood Sr.) was a meat salesman for Washington Packing Company, which was owned by Mr. Don W. Smith. That whole family was big workers in the First Methodist Church of Washington, and one was called to be a pastor: Rev. Charlie Mike Smith, a great pastor, singer and a friend. My mother (Carrie Lillian Alligood) and her brothers graduated from Duke. My Dad and about eight or 10 more men from Asbury Methodist Church looked forward to the attending the layman retreat in the fall of the year at Duke. They enjoyed the sermons and the recharging of their heart, mind and soul. They told God how much they appreciated and loved him. They believed in our God, not some fat-bellied idol.

Let’s wake up, Methodists and Duke supporters, so we can be heard.


God Bless,

James L. Alligood Jr.

Ridgewood Manor, Washington