Earth Day spotlights wildlife, environment for students

Published 11:21 pm Saturday, April 18, 2015

 DSC_5153_WEBAn event focusing on the environment and wildlife had students at Eastern Elementary excited Friday and gave them a chance to meet a monkey, barnyard animals and a variety of insects.

DSC_5190_WEBAt the annual Earth Day, students at Eastern rotated around a variety of stations, provided by various organizations. Among some of those present were N.C. State University, which brought various insects; Nicole Crider with Goose Creek State Park, who taught students about wildlife native to the area; representatives from Fork Creek Farms of Washington, who brought two goats, Plinius and Stephania, and baby ducks; Beaufort County Community College, which taught students how to make a terrarium and animals that live in different types of terrariums; a local woman, who brought a marmoset; Beaufort County Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners; Potash Corp-Aurora; and several others. Students also participated in a Recycle Relay, a competitive game in which students had to run and place items in recycling bins based on the type of item like aluminum or plastic.

DSC_5179_WEB DSC_5215_WEBThe event was coordinated by Eastern Elementary guidance counselor Liz Picone and retired teacher Lois Hoot and area volunteers came to the school to help with students and stations.

Picone said the event is the largest of its kind in Beaufort County, which she and Hoot prepare for almost the entire year. Aligning with the students’ science curriculum and character education traits, it is also a good way to raise awareness for taking care of Earth and its inhabitants, Picone said.

“It really does make an impact on the kids,” Picone said. “The impact it makes on the children is really important and they really enjoy it. It’s important for kids this age to learn how to keep the Earth clean and sustainable. We appreciate the volunteers helping us, too.”