Scout raises money for handicap swing project

Published 5:11 pm Saturday, July 25, 2015

Benjamin Morris

Benjamin Morris

Local Cub Scout Benjamin Morris is thinking of those less fortunate as he tries to earn his Eagle Scout rank.

Morris, a rising sophomore at Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriculture in Jamesville, has made plans to install a handicap accessible swing at a local park as part of the requirements to gain the rank. He is required to conduct a project to benefit a school, a religious organization or the community, as well as earn a total of 21 merit badges.

With current plans to hang the swing at Havens Gardens, pending permission from the City of Washington’s Parks and Recreation Department, Morris hopes to bring the community together through donations to provide a swing for the community’s disabled children so they can join in recreation at the park, he said.

“It’s a really important cause to be able to help out disabled people and those in the community and be able to include everybody,” Morris said. “I think it’s a natural right to be able to enjoy themselves outside.”

Morris got the idea from a woman who was talking to his mother about her disabled son having nowhere to go with regard to playground recreation, he said. Though he isn’t sure on the location as of yet, he is dead set on raising the funds to install the swing. And not only does he hope to raise the money for a good cause, but he also hopes to give people a means to join in on the initiative through the use of a “Go Fund Me” webpage.

“I’m trying to get as many people in the community to donate as possible,” Morris said. “I feel like this is a community project where everyone can come together and build something that will benefit others in the community. I think it’s great I have the chance to help out other people and be able to do this because a lot of people want to help, but sometimes it’s hard to help. When you give them the ability to help out the community in ways they couldn’t do before, then it’s a good thing.”

But raising funds is not the only phase of the project, according to Morris. He also hopes to have a big part in the swing’s installation. With hopes of finishing the project by the end of this year, Morris encourages the community to pitch in to make the swing installation possible and give those in the community with disabilities a little joy — all the while bringing him one step closer to achieving his Eagle Scout rank.

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