Food pantry to host Super Bowl fundraiser

Published 5:41 pm Thursday, January 28, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday is a day long associated with family, friends, food and arguably the most popular football event in American culture. Friends and family gather together for camaraderie and often, a wealth of food. But for some, food is a basic need absent on this day.

To provide opportunities for families to buy some good food for the Super Bowl and raise money for its programs and outreach, Eagle’s Wings Food Pantry is hosting its Super Bowlz fundraiser.

The food pantry’s board will be selling chili — vegetarian and meat — and barbecue for residents to stop by and pick up some grub for Super Bowl Sunday, according to Ben Kifer, chaplain of the Eagle’s Wings board.

“Everything we do is all about alleviating hunger,” Kifer said. “(Customers) will get something good to eat, but they’re doing something with that money other than just buying food. The money goes for more than just something to eat for yourself. In essence, it’s helping to fight hunger in our community.”

Kifer said Super Bowl Sunday is a day where average families have food all over the place and don’t really think much of the blessing that lies therein, as some families don’t have that luxury.

Eagle’s Wings is trying to raise awareness of hunger through the event, but the funds raised will fund services and programs it offers to help feed those in need, according to Kifer.

“It’s meant as a fundraiser so that everybody can contribute to the pantry by purchasing a ticket,” Kifer said. “We’ll use the money toward our ultimate goal — to alleviate hunger in Beaufort County.”

The chili will cost $6 per quart and barbecue will cost $8 per pound. Orders must be received and prepaid no later than Monday at 5 p.m., Kifer said. Patrons can pick up their orders on Feb. 6 between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. but must bring their paid ticket. Those wanting chili must specify if they want vegetarian versus meat upon ordering.

For tickets, call Ann-Marie Montague at 252-975-1138 or email at