Letter to the editor: Residents should vote ‘yes’ in March

Published 6:36 pm Thursday, February 11, 2016

To the Editor:

I read with interest your recent editorial entitled “Schools need county’s support more than ever.” While I agree our county leaders have a role in supporting our local schools, I was surprised that you didn’t mention the opportunity that voters have coming on March 15 to support our university system as well as our community colleges in this state. The Connect NC bond that will be on the ballot includes money that our state needs to move forward not only in education but badly needed infrastructure improvements as well as improvements to our state park system. Thankfully our financial situation will allow us to borrow this money with no tax increase yet still be able to move forward with these much needed projects. Although all of us may have our own opinions about the upcoming election, I believe this is one box we can all check in agreement. I urge everyone to vote yes to the Connect NC bond on March 15 and let’s unite in our support of N.C.


Shawn Harding