Piano performance to use melody to touch listeners

Published 12:46 pm Monday, April 11, 2016

CHOCOWINITY — Recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible are these words: “David would take his harp and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better…” Not all music affects the body in such a positive manner, but next Sunday, June Arnold, music director at Chocowinity United Methodist Church, will host a free program, showcasing the beauty of the succession of single notes that comprise melody.

Arnold said that beauty is oftentimes referred to as “ear candy,” which will be clearly illustrated in her seventh annual spring musical program, Just Piano, on April 17.

According to Arnold, there are other fascinating topics regarding music, especially music in the hospital. A few of these strategies include music to operate by, relaxation therapy, music and positive change in chronic pain and music in the care of the newborn.

Another application is the acknowledgement of research-based information on sound awareness and the mounting evidence that music and young children are a good match, according to Arnold. Plato’s conclusion, “Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education.” Twenty-three hundred years ago, he realized many facts, which remain undisputed.

Arnold said the music choices for the upcoming program were selected using the philosophy, “Sound uses the mind and emotions as a doorway into the listener,” playing off the “ear candy” concept.

Science classifies sound as vibrating energy. The vibrations touch listeners and influence their emotions like no other source of input or expression, Arnold said.

“A solo performance instrument is unique because of the distinct vibrations of its sound,” Arnold said. “Think of the easily recognizable characteristics of music played on a piano, violin, trumpet or many other instruments. We perceive and process sound primarily through the ear, but our total skin covering also receives the sound vibrations. Just think of a massage, gentle or not so gentle, depending upon other components of music such as tempo, volume, combinations of instruments and amplification.”

Arnold said her pursuit of music and her performances at the church have been a form of ministry. Consistent throughout scripture, there are examples of music and singing, bringing glory to God and appreciation of his creation, according to Arnold.

The upcoming 60-minute performance, set for Sunday at 3 p.m., will include hymns selected by Arnold because of the overall flow of their melody such as “You Light Up My Life,” “Unchained Melody,” “Hymne,” “Enchanted” and “Today, Tomorrow and Forever.”

Chocowinity United Methodist Church is located at 678 N.C. Highway 33 West in Chocowinity.