WHS Touchdown Club to host summer camp

Published 4:34 pm Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The WHS Touchdown Club is organizing a fundraiser to be held on June 11. It will feature players from the Pam Pack varsity and junior varsity teams guiding younger children through many of the drills that prepare them for their own games. Children interested in the game, regardless of football experience, are encouraged to sign up for the two and a half hour camp.

Football has been an integral part of the Washington community. The youth football league is one of the best in the area. At the varsity level, “Choppy” Wagner Stadium is the place to be on a Friday night in the fall. The Pam Pack has put the area on the map recently, especially with its 2014 trip to the 2-AA state championship.

“We were trying to come up with ways to raise money and get the community closer to the football program,” Michele Phelps said. “That’s something (football coach) Sport (Sawyer) would like to see happen — to bring the community closer to the school.

“The youth football program in this town is exceptional. Coaches and parents come together and they provide a positive environment for the kids. … It’s been my experience that this does bring to some children that feeling of being part of a family.”

That’s why the WHS Touchdown Club is working to organize an annual fundraiser to support Washington football. The club provides post-game meals for the team and helps pay tuition for any player that wishes to attend camps to improve his skills on the gridiron. The money raised through this summer camp will be dedicated to those, as well as the club��s other objectives.

Phelps likened it to camps put on by Washington graduate and former NFL wide receiver Terrance Copper. Her own son, Braxton, has attended camps like this in the past. Those camps, as well as the Washington Youth Football League, helped drive his passion for the sport. He is now a member of the Pam Pack JV squad.

“A lot of summers, Terrance brings in players from the NFL to work with the kids,” Phelps said. “They get to spend the whole morning with players from the NFL from different teams. That’s always been a fun event. My son has done that since he was six-years-old. He was always excited.

“So many times, younger, elementary-aged schoolchildren, they just look up to kids who play football in high school. They’re kind of like their superheroes.”

Different stations will be set up on the Pam Pack’s field. The players will run campers through drills to work on throwing, catching, kicking, snapping and many other basics.

The camp takes place from 9-11:30 a.m. on June 11. Signup forms are due on May 11 so that the WHS Touchdown Club can order “Playing with the Pack” t-shirts for participants. Forms will be accepted through the event date, but no shirts will be ordered after May 11. Forms can be mailed to or dropped off at Inner Banks Dental on 629 W. 15th Street in Washington.