McKissick twins cement their Pam Pack legacy

Published 4:55 pm Thursday, June 9, 2016

Chrissy and Style McKissick are more than just twin sisters. The soon-to-be Washington graduates have spent countless years side by side playing softball and, along with fellow senior Sarah Alligood, were instrumental to the best season in Washington softball history.

They’ve made plenty of memories together on and off the field, but what they accomplished this season with the Lady Pack will rank among the best of them.

“It’ll always be a memory that we made it to regionals,” Style said. “That’s a big deal. Just being with the girls. This year’s team was, by far, the most enjoyable team I’ve played on.”

Chrissy added, “We’ve done something that no one else (at Washington) has done. In the beginning, you didn’t think it would happen to you. Then it happened. I’m pretty excited still. It’s great that we could do that as a team.”

SLIDING IN: Chrissy McKissick slides into home to score a run. Her talent on the field was only topped by her natural leadership skills.

Even though they’re twins, the McKissicks took different paths en route to cementing their place in Washington history. Chrissy jumped right into softball as soon as she was old enough to play in the tee-ball recreation league.

Style, on the other hand, didn’t start her career until it came time for 8U recreation softball. Both kept up with it in high school, but Style elected to take a break from the sport when she was a junior.

“Honestly, I didn’t want to play softball. It wasn’t really my thing and I was scared,” Style said. “I took a break my junior year. When I quit softball in general, I stopped playing travel ball and everything. That was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Style went on to explain how Chrissy and their older sister, Justyce McKissick, had made their mark on the sport. That’s not to say she didn’t enjoy the sport. She said she had a blast learning it and watching this year’s team grow. She was also a big part of the team’s success. Style’s .391 batting average was second among regular starters. Chrissy led the team with a .461 average.

“I enjoy the game, but I enjoyed learning more about it than playing,” Style said. “When I play, I give it my all. I enjoy it, but it’s not something I want to continue to do.”

Chrissy expressed her incredible passion for the game through her leadership. She said she feels it’s a trait she’s always carried. When she was eight years old, she would go to Justyce’s games and sit in the dugout, cheering loudly right along with the team.

“I just always remembered that, one day, this would be me playing and how it was so exciting,” she said.

STEPPING UP: Style McKissick takes the plate during Washington’s last game of the season. Despite claiming softball wasn’t exactly her game, Style more than contributed to the team’s success. She was exceptional as the leadoff batter and helped hold down the outfield.


With high school coming to a close, the McKissicks now start heading down slightly different paths. Both Style and Chrissy will attend Pitt Community College in the fall. While Washington’s regional-championship loss likely marked the end of Style’s career, Chrissy now looks forward to playing for Pitt. She impressed coaches at a tryout the day after Washington’s season-ending loss to South Granville.

“I’m going to continue playing softball and I want to see how it goes at the next level,” Chrissy said. “There’s always something new. It’s always changing. Softball’s never the same. It’s different each year.”

After completing her two years at Pitt, Chrissy plans to transfer to East Carolina University. She’s not yet sure if playing softball at the Division I level is something she will pursue. Academically, Chrissy plans on becoming a second-grade teacher.

“I feel like if I could do anything with helping kids, I would do it,” she said. “I have always seen myself as a teacher. A lot of people have tried to talk me out of it, but it hasn’t happened. I don’t think it will ever happen.”

Style already has her sights set on studying sports medicine in college. Her passion for playing sports — and, even more so, learning about them — made it an attractive option. However, she doesn’t plan on following Chrissy to ECU.

For the time being, though, Chrissy and Style always have been and always will be each other’s best friend.

“She’s like my own best friend,” Chrissy said of her sister. “You go to college and you’re by yourself. You try to find a best friend. She’s like my built-in best friend. She can sit beside me in class. I don’t have to find someone. I’m happy that I have her.”

The mark they leave at Washington is one of excellence. Both Style and Chrissy played a big part in the softball team’s success over the last few years. On top of that, they both played volleyball and Style played basketball, too. Whatever it was, they put their all into it.

The sports have given back to them, too. Chrissy and Style both recognize that the coaches at Washington, as well as their teammates, have taught them a lot over the past few years.

“With coach (Doug) Whitehead, I’ve learned to save money because he’s a personal finance teacher,” Chrissy said. “He’s taught me a lot about life in general. He’s a great coach, but he’s a great person to talk to about anything. … I’ve learned a lot this year. I’ll continue to use those lessons throughout my whole life. Especially with saving money!”

Style added, “With the girls on the team, I’ve learned that not everybody is the same. You have to talk to different people in different ways so they understand. … I’ve learned a lot with this year’s team where, other years, I’d stay quiet and to myself.”

The McKissick twins, much like their fellow students and student-athletes, now move on to bigger and better things. Style and Chrissy have both learned a lot through school, athletics and more than will carry them through their next adventures in life.